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    Good evening everyone,

    This is a very basic question, but I cannot find the answer for the life of me anywhere on the internet. Just wondering what the actual academic requirements are to maintain a 4 year Type-7 scholarship as a 200 cadet. As final grades are rolling in, I realize this semester was not kind to me. I am not worried about my cumulative GPA dipping below 2.5, but I am not sure if there are any other GPA requirements.... like term GPA, penalties for getting D's or F's in a class, anything like that. Sorry to take up your time!
    This was my last resort to find the answer!!!!
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    Check out AFI 36-2011. Grade Requirements. Cadets must receive a grade of “C-” or better in AS classes and LLAB. If LLAB is graded on a Pass/Fail system, cadets must receive a passing grade. When the cadet receives a grade of "D" or "F" in AS class or LLAB, the cadet must be investigated for disenrollment (contract cadets) or dismissed from the program (noncontract cadets). Cadets who fail AS class and/or LLAB are not authorized to return to AFROTC. Contract cadets who receive a final grade of “F” or the institutional equivalent in a single academic term are not maintaining AFROTC academic retention standards and must receive a CE. See paragraph 4.38 and Table 4.2. NOTE: In situations where the Detachment Commander feels further information regarding the failure is warranted, AFROTC Form 704, Academic Performance Inquiry, may be used to obtain information from academic instructors regarding the AFROTC cadet’s academic efforts in courses in which academic standards have not been met. For contract cadets only, any grade which requires a course to be retaken for degree accreditation is considered an “F equivalent.” For example, if a grade of “D” in a senior-level core course is not acceptable for the degree and must be retaken, it is a failure to maintain academic standards (reference Table 4.1 and 4.2). Additionally, if a cadet fails a class needed to meet a requirement and has to repeat a class of any type to meet that requirement, even if another class is taken, then issue a CE. NOTE: A CE is not required for courses taken during summer or mini-sessions not funded by AFROTC; however, summer and mini-session GPAs will be computed into the AFROTC CGPA. Multiple course failures which occur during the same semester warrant only one CE.

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