AFROTC Scholarship and dual-majoring?


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Dec 31, 2016
Hello, I am a 17 year old junior in high school and I'm starting to get my things together to apply for the Air Force scholarship. I want to dual major in Intelligence Analysis and Computer Science, but I can't find anything about dual majors on the scholarship website. Does anyone know if the Air Force will cover the cost of the two majors? Thanks.
Depends on the college you are accepted to. AFROTC HSSP just needs to know if you'll have a tech or nontech major.
As long as you can complete both majors in 4 years there will not be an issue.
Declaring a CS major might be more likely to get you a 4-year scholarship. Look at the website and the majors they are looking for. Once you are accepted at a school, you can double major. My son received an AFROTC Foreign Language Major scholarship and then elected to double major with Int. Relations when he started college. As for covering the costs, ROTC covers a normal load from which you can take necessary classes to double major. To double major doesn't mean that you have to take double the credits, and your counselor will help you schedule the correct classes to double major without having to take an overload. However, if you do have to take more than a full load during a semester (or choose to), you will have to cover it - but you can ask your detachment about extra funds since some do things differently or have internal money they can use. You can also obtain small outside scholarships to use for any additional credits you might need to take.