AFROTC Scholarship Eligibility Clarification


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May 29, 2008
I'm applying to the USAFA, but I'm also looking into an AFROTC scholarship as a backup. While I was reading the qualifications to be eligible for a scholarship, I read something that I had a question about, and I was wondering if someone here could clear it up for me.

It says online that you cannot have attended college full-time and be eligible for a scholarship. As a home/cyber schooled senior, I was planning on going to a local community college full-time (as the AFA admissions site recommends home schoolers do) this coming fall ('08) while I apply to the AFA for the class of 2013. So, as I understand it, if I do this I will no longer be eligible for an AFROTC scholarship. Does anybody know if that is correct? Thanks for any help. :)
I dont really understand how that would work since many people acquire "in-college" ROTC scholarships. They can apply for and get a 3-year scholarship while simultaneously attending college full-time as a freshman.
After I read your post I looked back at the website, and it looks like you're right. I would have to get a 3 year, In-College Scholarship. I hadn't thought about that before, and was looking under "High school Scholarships"...silly me. ;) Well, now I know what type to apply for.