AFROTC Scholarship Payment


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Jan 29, 2013
Good morning everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge as to when the AF will send out scholarship payments for this semester? In 3rd year as a cadet, HSSP, if it matters.
What portion of the scholarship are you asking about? Stipend? Book $ (assuming they still give that out?) or the tuition? 3rd year, I'm assuming you're an AS300..

Let's see.

Stipend = 1st and 15th of each month. If it falls on a weekend (1 Apr) then you will get paid in advance (on that Friday). I forgot the pay, but I think it's 400/700/800 = $500, 300 = $400, 200 = $300, 100 = $200, unless things have changed? So you'd get $200 on the 1st, then another $200 on the 15th.

Book $$$ = $900/year (again unless things have changed), so you'd get $450 direct deposited into whatever acct you have set up for the fall term, then the spring term. I don't ever remember the book $ coming before the term started. It was always halfway into my quarter when I would receive it, never early enough to buy books with it. Clearly defeating the purpose of book $, since by that point if I didn't purchase my books...well, you get the picture.

Tuition...well this is a funny one. They should pay it far in advance of when your tuition gets posted...but my graduating year they didn't pay it until the day it was due. In fact, my last semester I was so nervous someone wasn't going to push "submit/pay", that I paid the tuition out of pocket (didn't want any hiccups with graduating). My Uni just cut me a check for the tuition after the AF paid it. This was in 2015 so I don't know what has changed since then, but I recall there being talks of cutting down the stipend and book $. Hope that helps...
Tuition, sorry, just realized that wasn't very clear. I have a few other scholarships, so just waiting for the check to be cut to me.
Hmm. Yeah. I'd work with the financial/tuition office to ensure they receive the AF tuition. I've always seen it be paid...just can't guarantee that it'll get paid early. It's rarely early, but mostly 'on time' aka on the due date... Hope it gets figured out!
Can anyone confirm whether stipends should be paid for approved 5th year (type 2 scholarship)? DS received stipends fall semester but has not received any payments this semester. Scholarship has been paid to school.
Book is now $600 / year. Tuition is usually right on the due date to ensure you pass all your classes, etc. I believe stipend doesn't continue on for 5th year after a certain month, but tuition is covered.