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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Stevenson, Dec 15, 2014.

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    Just wanted to let y'all know that I just finished my AFROTC Scholarship Interview! Personally, I thought it was somewhat challenging because the questions that I've prepared were completely different from what the Captain asked. For example, I thought he would ask me my biggest strengths / weaknesses or why I choose to be a pilot and what would I would do if I didn't get a slot.

    Instead, he asked me questions such as "What did you do when a friend frustrated you," and "Explain a time when you witnessed diversity." I think the easiest question was "Do you have any children?:shake:"

    I'm feeling pretty decent about it, I could've done better of course but in general I answered to questions. I also asked him questions and he was happy when I did.

    Just wanted to dedicate this post to a bunch of people who helped me answer questions specifically Pima, Royal Dutch, and Biker. They're the true MVP here guys! Even though none of their questions really showed up, they gave me great advice and Pima even told me that there are no exact same questions.

    Overall, I think I am a competitive candidate but that's for the board to decide! Good luck candidates!

    (And for future applicants who are waiting on the interview, make sure you bring a resume with all your EC's and answer questions honestly.)

    Also, do you know when the board results come out?
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    Fellow AFROTC applicant here. Congrats on your interview! I had mine a week ago, and they hardly asked any of the questions I expected. I feel that I did well though, and the officer seemed to really like me.

    I'm meeting the next board, which is scheduled Jan. 26, so I believe you'll be boarded then too. Results out Feb 13.

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