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Jul 17, 2006
We just got back from UF AFROTC. Son had made an appointment 10 days before with a professor for his major and the AFROTC Unit Admissions officer told him drop in afterward.

He had a some really good answers to my son’s questions. First, freshman and sophomore years require 5 hours, but they expect you to work out on your own. He told my son that they would talk to the club sport coach and may waive one of their exercise days. Junior and senior years 7 hours of week and more with other duties are required. Field training is for rising juniors, how well you do in field training more likely to get a pilot training slot.

The Commander’s write up is 50% of the pilot training selection, 15% field training and the others are grades, how you do on the test plus your PFE. The major said you need to max that out or at least 90%(9:36 on the run). The stats, about 50 freshman enroll in ROTC, only 7 on average have a ROTC scholarship at UF. After the first and second semester they try to get you an in college scholarship. By the end of the first year, about 10 people drop. For the past few years, of the medical qualified 6 of 7 in 2006 and 8 of 9 are flying. You can get PRK and ask for a waiver, of those who do 80% receive the waiver. The people who don’t are the ones who have hallows of some other problems. Of course you must pay for PRK yourself. Over all AFROTC, 60% of those who are PQ get slots with UF the precentage is higher.

Also the major told us that the engineering majors have to manage their time carefully, definitely got the impression that not many graduate in 4 years. I have been told only 6 credits of the 16 count toward their major.

Funny thing, we went to UF the night before these appointments and it just happened to be the night of the Championship game. Son and best bud went into the dome and watch the game on campus with all the students, ran out and jumped around in the mosh pit afterward. That sealed it for him about UF.