AFROTC summer opportunities


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Jan 20, 2008
Ive been researching some of the things cadets are open to experience during summers. Some of it is really interesting. I especially am interested in the 5-week internship at the NRO. I hope to go intel and would really like to get an experience like this in college.

Does anyone know how selective these summer PDTs are? Especially the NRO internship. I imagine the slots are limited. Any general info would be really appreciated.
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The summer programs are competitive. It is based on you GPA, and ranking in the Det. and PFT score. Yes all slots are limited. You have to let them know early which ones you would like to go on. If you are on 4yr scholarship you will go on a PTD after your freshman year. It is mandatory, son is going to GA this summer. He was "oh well at least it is not NM". I will give more feed back on the trip in August.
Hi Just...

I'm a parent of a new scholarship student...

"PDT"...what is that? Is that different from field training?

PDT--Professional Development Training. Any summer program is PDT.

Field Training is at Maxwell after 2nd year and is very different is very close to basic training.

UFlorida boy being sent to Georgia, someone has a sense of humor.