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Sep 18, 2016
My daughter just found out she was awarded an AFROTC Type 7 scholarship. I am a little confused! I know she can attend an in state school in our state, NY, but can she also attend a state school with this scholarship in another state if she has been awarded in state tuition as well?
Thanks in advance!
"Our policy on the Type 7 scholarship requires that you use your Type 7 scholarship at an AFROTC affiliated public school where you qualify for that school's in-state tuition rate."

From what I understand, the scholarship can be used wherever you qualify for in state tuition, regardless of where you actually live. It may not be a terrible idea to contact AFROTC HQ and confirm this though.
Per the AFROTC website:
Type 7—Pays college tuition up to the equivalent of a public school’s in-state rate and a book allowance. If a student receives a Type 7 offer but wishes to attend a college/university where they do not qualify under the guidelines, the student can convert the four-year Type 7 scholarship to a three-year Type 2 scholarship. You cannot activate a Type 7 scholarship at a nonqualifying school and pay the difference.
My son was awarded a Type 7, chose to out of state to Boston U and converted it to a Type 2. FYI, for 3-year Type 2, BU pays half of the first year's tuition and then tops off the tuition above $18k for years 2-4. St. Thomas in Minnesota will cover everything above the ROTC award including room and board (except for the first year) so that you don't pay a cent other than room and board the first year.
Good luck!
Thank you for the information. DOes anyone know of other schools that are so generous to Type 7 recipients?
Maybe someone here can contribute their knowledge, but I have not seen this info collected anywhere, though I saw it somewhere for AROTC (and I imagine those schools would do the same for AFROTC).
I know George Washington U will pay toward room and board. You might also want to look up the University of Portland, I had heard that they did the same as St. Thomas (UP has a beautiful campus and a good academic rep).
Google will be your friend, but the search phrase will be tricky. The College Confidential site might have a thread. If you have schools you're interested in, check their website or call the financial aid office.
And, there are schools that provide merit awards that can be used on top of Type 7. Again, check with the schools you are interested in going to. And talk with your counselor. He or she should be aware of the schools offering merit awards (usually private colleges).
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