AFROTC Waiver/NROTC Remedial

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    DS has NROTC and AFROTC scholarship. He has two DQs and AFROTC granted a waiver within days of being awarded the scholarship without a remedial. NROTC has requested personal statement and medical records since age 14.

    He is leaning AF and will be making a decision after college visits next week. We have read that sometimes other DQs are found during medical records review so he is reluctant to send in records that could identify another DQ that could cause issues with AF. We are not aware of any other concerns, but we are not sure it is worth the risk since he is most likely going AF and already has a waiver.

    Do we just wait a week until he makes his final decision. If the final decision is AF, should he just respond to DODMERB and NROTC that he is not pursing NROTC any further?

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