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Jul 17, 2006
Last week the AFROTC board met, the board results have not been released to us yet. But Son has received emails from several detachments congratulating him on his scholarship. The amusing part of these emails, 2 are from schools he did not apply to but asking him to bring his scholarship to their school. Each was offering room and board plus the tutition overage. Zero cost for the four years.

I wasn't sure how AFROTC worked except that he had to give them 3 majors to pick from, he picked three tech majors. We still don't know what major he was selected for. One of the emails was from a school he had spoken with this summer he emailed them a couple questions and they told him it was a Type 2 -4 year, son forgot to ask the major, lol.

So my point, with AFROTC you pick you school but not your major. Some of the other ROTCs the school picks you.
same here. i got 2 emails from Univ of Portland, a school i never applied to.

i think the results are released though. my app tracker page has a congratulations message on it. everyone waiting to hear should go check!
Congradulations to your son! I had a similar experience, except my AFROTC paperwork showed up a couple days before a bunch of college's stuff.

Thanks for the congrats. Son now has a solid plan B, but waiting on CGA and AFA. Did the schools contact you my snail mail too?
Yes, they did. I actually called USAFA to ask a question, and found out that I had an appointment.
Does anyone know when the AFROTC board meets next? I am having a hard time finding the dates...
The letter we have said Feb. 26th to Mar. 2nd and the last one Mar 26th to 30th.

Hope that helps.
Thanks thats what I needed. My interview got scheduled for a later date then what I was told it needed to be, so I was curious to see when the next board meeting was. Thanks again!!!
Ok now they call

Son is out at work, a school's ROTC program. They wanted to make sure he had gotten the letter from the school and reminding him of the room and board offer. He has not applied to this school. lol Who knew ROTC det. market themselves.