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    I'm not completely sure if I am on the right section to post this, but I have a few questions.

    So I was disenrolled from Army ROTC, recently received the discharge papers and the DD785. I still want to serve, so I contacted the recruiters. Took my ASVAB, went through everything except for MEPS. Then I was told that because I was a contracted cadet (non-scholarship, not attended CLC), I'm technically prior service and that requires a waiver. Recently I was told that it'll take about six months for the waiver to fully process and I cannot enlist until February. Beforehand, my recruiters told me they had dealt with disenrolled cadets before but none of them had to be considered prior service before.

    My question is this; Am I really considered prior service for being a contracted cadet? And also, is the 6 month waiting period real? The reason I ask is because I went online to research (can't believe everything I see online, though) and all I really got was a bunch of people saying that the 6 month waiting period is a myth and that it's their way of them to stop dealing with you. I doubt this to be the case, but I think at least asking on here wouldn't hurt. Especially with the plethora of information some members on here have.


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