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    What happens immediately after graduation ceremony?
    When do cadets pack up their rooms?
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    After the ceremony itself, you savor the moment, and then head back to the hill. You need to return your yellow sash and cadet rank and clear out your room, though ideally most of your room has already been packed up and moved off in the days before graduation. Then you'll pick up your Lt ID and head on out.
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    All of their stuff will hopefully have been moved out before Graduation Day and all they will have to do is go up the hill and turn in their keys. We purposely rented a house with a garage for graduation, and we ended up with our son and three of his friends filling it with their stuff in the week before graduation. All they left in their room was a couple of uniforms that they needed.If you cannot move the stuff out before graduation day it will make for a long afternoon of work instead of celebrating.

    Immediately after the grad ceremony in the stadium, the new graduates go up the hill to check out of the dorm. Many of them will park their cars partway up the hill or ride with friends who do that since it is the only quick way to get up there afterward. The actual parking lots of the stadium will be gridlock for several hours after the end of the ceremony as everyone tries to leave. Pack a cooler with snacks and refreshments and sit in your car and wait. :biggrin:


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