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    Jan 24, 2015
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    Hi All, I think DS was likely one if the very first on this board to receive a TWE for Class of 2019. Everything in a short time has really come full circle and I am so happy that things worked out as I think they should have. DS is honored to be able to use his AROTC scholarship at an amazing school. He'll see you all at "work" in just a few short years. I ordered my Army
    Mom t-shirt and can't wait to wear it with pride! Life is very good after TWE! Best to those still waiting, to those with great plan B's and to USMA Class of 2019!
    I'll still be around the boardsthough-next DS is a sailor-going to be heading over to USCGA and USMMA. Starting to research AIM.
    Enjoy !
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    Very motivational words to all, no matter what happens we are all in it for the same reason! Much blessings to come in the future, best wishes.
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