aghgh! i want to go so dang bad!


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Nov 18, 2007
this is kind of a random thread, i guess, but i can't help thinking about what the academy will be like! i often find myself daydreaming about the many programs and challenges i will GET to do! i look at the viewbook at least everyday and watch a couple inspiring youtube videos about the academy often. i also cringe at the thought of me NOT getting the appointment, and i get really anxious when i check the mail anymore. are these things healthy?!?!
very, I went through just the same thing! dreams and day dreams and anxiety. Just wait, the real thing is even better! ;)
is it really? i'm sure it is, i just want to hear you say it, lol
For flyboy

Here's a quote for you flyboy:

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."

I think you're one of "those" :)

Keep dreaming flyboy! Aim high and Dream BIG!!
I am in the EXACT same boat. Ive been sitting here for months just worrying and stessing. It subsided a while after i got the nom, but then it started all over again. I just hope i find out this month. The waiting is worse than being rejected would be.

The only thing that really helps is to just think that it wouldnt be that bad if i didnt get it. ROTC would be fine, another college would be fine...Kinda
yea...i know that there are other good colleges out there. but there are so many reasons why the academy is for me, and i have done so much this past year to try and get in. i can just hope that all that hard work isn't for nothing.
Hey, no matter what, the application process is not a waste of time. You're gonna do fine.
really? what do you mean by its not a waste of time?
i have done so much this past year to try and get in. i can just hope that all that hard work isn't for nothing.

Even if we don't get in, the hard work will not have been in vain.
Still...what it all comes down to is pinnning on bars four years from now. As long as we can do that, NOTHING is in vain.
that is true badgerta. so are you waiting for an appointment too badgerta? how about you nick?
Did you apply for a AFROTC scholarship as backup? I'm assuming yes since you seem to be very interested in becoming a pilot.
In reply to Flyboy,

I'm applying for class of 2013. I just did my Precandidate Questionnaire.

I think Exar Ganis was talking to Flyboy, but just in case, I'll answer Ganis' question. No, I didn't apply for the AFROTC scholarship out of high school, and I've been to college so if I do AFROTC I'll have to use the "in college" scholarship option. The perfect scenario for me involves getting accepted to the Academy.

I can tell you from experience patience is what is needed. My son applied for the class of 2011 and didn't recieve an appointment, but he did recieve a Falcon Scholarship, which he took advantage of....
SO two years after our initial contact with the Academy he has recieved his apppointment........Needless to say we are all very excited about his future and he is ready to start his path with the AirForce for I have watched this forum for two years and this is my first post...I want to say congratulations to those who got in and a word to those who have not....DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS
that is true badgerta. so are you waiting for an appointment too badgerta? how about you nick?

yep. im also working on a medical waiver so i have no idea how long it will be before i find out if im going or not. where did you apply besides USAFA?
to ganis- yes i have applied for AFROTC and my interviewer said my application was strong.

to cfs- thank you for the encouragement. i know patience is a virtue, but i also know success is as well! lol

and good luck to you badgerta.

nick, i have applied to UCLA and embry-riddle aeronautical university and USNA. my medical is almost done, but that shouldn't be a hindrence to receiving a conditional appointment.
I'm kinda in the same boat as you flyboy, except I'm leaning more towards USNA (though I'm still going to apply to USAFA and USCGA). I also might go to ND, but only if I get a good ROTC package. So nervous!
yea, i am so nervous as well. sometimes during my more boring classes i will just wonder if i will get the appointment...and then i dream about what it will be like actually going!! and sometimes i muse upon the possibility of me not getting it :thumbdown:...and then i try to not think about it anymore:frown:...

but, whatever we do, let's not lose sight of our goals!!