Agreement Letter

Nov 30, 2016
I recently signed my agreement with Department of the Navy/ USNA on my restrictions to Marine Ground/ Restricted Line Community. Having signed this letter does this indicate that I may hear back from them soon?
No Marine Ground is not restricted. Color vision waivers limit those to USN restricted line or USMC ground.

USNA is doing things different then we have seen in the past for color vision waivers. In the past they didn't grant waivers until they decided which candidtes would get the appointment, so it sort of all happened at once. So really none of us can speculate. The wait is hard for everyone. You will have waits your entire military career... which branch did you get, duty station, promotion, schools, command to name just a tiny few. They will only become more complicated as you will have a family, kids, career at stake and to coordinate. Learning to cope with this stress and wait is part of the learning curve. Hang in there. Good luck.
Got the same agreement letter for my color vision waiver and submitted it last week. I asked my BGO and he said it means they are heavily considering you for an appointment. I don't think it is any difference on when you will hear back. I was told I would hear mid march due to the need for a color vision waiver, and I didn't win my slate for my Senatorial Nomination so I will compete in the national pool and I will compete for the JROTC and Presidential Slates. I was surprised people got waivers this early as I was under the impression color waivers aren't given out until March/April time. Oh well I'm just gonna kick back and see what happens.
maxd, this year color vision waivers have been handled differently then we have seen. We are curious if this trend continues next year. Years past, color vision waivers were sort of done in lump sum (for the most part) toward mid-late March. Essentially they took all those who needed a color vision waiver and made a decision on who they wanted, granted a medical waiver, offered an appointment with contingency to sign understanding they can only go restricted line or USMC ground all sort of in one mass lump. So for those of us who have been around awhile we are all watching this change closely. Also, there is no way to know if you won or lost a slate. Remember people will and do get moved around on slates all the time.
I received the same document that would limited me to Marine Ground or Navy restricted line. However, during my other SA applications, I passed the other SA's color vision exam. If I brought the test results with me to USNA, would I be able to make it so I at least have a chance at Navy unrestricted line?
No. Each SA has different color vision requirements. Red Green are very important for the Navy as it's how Naval navigation is done. You will have a physical your 2/C year that will ultimately determine what you are physically qualified to commission into.