AIM Pictures on The Day Site

Thanks Boss. I shot about 70 mins of video until battery died. Once I get home will edit it down to shorter clips. Got AROW action, virtually enitire parade and some of graduation. I will try to post them up to a server to share, maybe by Sunday night.

Advice for those heading out, this is much more like Swab Summer than any other Service Academy summer program. AIM Staff from Coast Guard Aux warned my son "They are going to yell in your left ear, then they are going to yell in your right ear, and for fun then they are going to yell in both ears, it's nothing personal." I would say that was his biggest shock. Be prepared.

Cheers for now, I am off for a SAR to retrieve the boy and bring him back home.
Ha ha...great stuff...I'm sure he did fine...this will really get the candidates ready. Take care and good luck.