Air Force ROTC Dual Enrollment and GPA Questions

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by MissyG8, Aug 11, 2016.

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    Hello - My son is rising senior at a Gifted and Talented Charter School. There are only 48 kids in his class and all are super geeks. He is 28th. We are also in South Carolina which has had a wacky 7 point grading scale until this year. Add in the the heavy class load and dual enrollment starting in 10th grade and his GPA is lower than he would like. The website said that he had to have a 3.0. Is that a weighted or unweighted? The difference is huge in South Carolina thanks to the lovely 7 point scale. Right now he has a 3.33 weighted but a 2.66 unweighted with 28 credits including 2 college classes and 3 AP classes. He will possibly still make 3.5 weighted because of the dual enrollment classes this fall. He is also dual-enrolled at the College of Charleston this year as well. He is taking 2 classes there each semester plus finishing a capstone project with Mission Design (NASA) with UAH. Will the fact that he will have completed 18 college credits before he graduates high school disqualify him? He has been rowing for years but is switching to cross country to get ready for PFT. He is also finishing his Eagle Scout, a chief in the Fire Explorers Program and training as a volunteer fire fighter once he turns 18 in September. His ACT score was a 28 on the first attempt. English scores were in 30's but he is retaking it in September. He did the math section without a calculator since the school (charter) didn't have enough for all the students to use and that lowered his overall score.

    His dad is a 91 USAFA grad and there is a strong tradition of military service in our family. He is the only one of my kids who is medically qualified so he has had his heart set on joining the Air Force for years. I'm hoping the choice to send him to a more challenging middle and high school didn't ruin those chances.
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    AFROTC only accepts unweighted GPA. College credits will not disqualify your son. Eagle Scout is box you can check on an AFROTC scholarship application.

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