Alaska Nominations Thread

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Oct 21, 2016
Well, I thought that I'd better create a thread for Alaskan Class of 2021 Nom's, since there doesn't appear to be an existing thread. Based on previous year's' announcements, the MOCs should be publishing their slates in the next couple of days. I recently received a nom from Sen Sullivan, and one from Congressman Young. Anyone else on this board in Alaska? Heard anything yet?
Well, it looks like both Senator Sullivan and Representative Young published their Slates. You can read them here and here. Even though I already knew that I got their noms, it's still fun to see your name in print. Anyone else get their noms announced? Also, has anyone heard from Senator Murkowski? She hasn't published anything, and I haven't received any communication, positive or negative from her office.
Well, it doesn't look like there's any other Alaskans on this board, but I'll be updating this thread anyways. Senator Murkowski published her nominations yesterday. They can be found on her site. I got a USNA nom from her, but haven't received any communication from her office aside from the portal update, which was a fun surprise.
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