Alcohol and Marijuana


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Dec 15, 2016
I am currently completing my medical history and have a few questions about the alcohol and marijuana use questions.

Alcohol: I've drank small amounts of alcohol for several years. My parents have been aware and consent to it, and most times I've had alcohol has actually been with them (my dad likes to share a glass of whiskey, or celebrate with a glass of wine, etc.). Because of personal preference, I've had close to no alcohol in the past 9 or so months.
But I don't know/remember how many times I've drank, when the first time was, when the last time was, really any dates, where I've consumed it outside of my house, or who I've consumed it with other than my parents. Will they need any of these or ask about them at my medical appointment?

Marijuana: Approximately two years ago I smoked marijuana. I disliked the feeling but ended up doing it several times because everyone I knew was constantly doing it. I stopped when I realized how much I disliked everything about it and have been completely out of the presence of marijuana (firsthand and secondhand smoke) for well over a year now.
But I don't know/remember any dates and am not sure even which months I tried it. I can somewhat but not completely remember where I smoked it, and definitely can't remember every time I was around secondhand smoke. I do remember most people that were with me when I tried it, but I would be very hesitant to tell DoDMERB names if it could in any way harm those people.
Will they need dates more specific than "approximately two years ago"? Will they need exact number of times? Will they need locations or people I was with?

I greatly appreciate any input on these topics. Thanks so much.
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