Allergies/ allergic rhinitis/ sensitivity


Apr 22, 2016
There are some questions on the DODMERB form that seem to be similar... DS has an allergic reaction to dust... allergic rhinitis in his medical records. Does he need to answer yes to 3 different questions for that one issue. Allergies- or is this intended to mean food / drug type allergies. Sensitivity to dust. Again, if this is covered by his yes answer to allergic rhinitis does he also need to answer yes to this question. For what it's worth his allergies are well controlled with otc medication...
Trying to answer honestly but minimize the risk of issues. Can we / should we contact DODMerb (or possibly Larry Mullen) to ask for advice or is it too early to get them involved?
Thanks for your help.
Which 3 questions? I see 2. Allergies and ...Treated for other than minor illnesses. I don't think Adverse reaction to vaccines, drugs, medicines, foods, insect bites or stings would apply in DS case.
Allergies is a catch all for all allergies and not limited. There is an allergies questionnaire on the DoDMERB site here and it specifically mentions Allergic rhinitis. That form may be the pop up to answer when you select yes for allergies or it may be required during a remedial. If you also select yes to treated for other than minor illnesses, just reference or copy the answer to allergies.

My DS had surgery, he checked multiple boxes because of the one injury and just put the same answer for each question. I think the third time he had to report the incident he referenced the previous responses.

Remember once you check yes you cannot change it back to no.
Review the questionnaire so you have a feel for what is important when DoDMERB reviews the allergy. Also, make sure you look at the standard and you will see how the questionare is a road map for them to apply the standard.

Any approach to completing the form should not get you in trouble as long as you report.