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Aug 20, 2008
I had minor seasonal allergies when i was around 14 and was prescribed medicine for a week or two. I have no current allergies but am worried i will be Disqualified at my medical this week? Do they grant waivers for allergies. Also i read on the AF Academies website in order to be a pilot you can not have any allergies after the age of 12. How strict are these rules-is there any way around them?
I had the same thing and same concern. You'll be fine. Just explain that you don't take the medicene anymore, and that you don't get the allergies any more. Be honest.
Same as get a jump up, you can send me a copy of your medcial history (DD Form 2492). I can give you a better idea at that time The Doc this week does not make the determination....he/she just performes the exam and records the results.:thumb: