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    I'm currently a sophomore University student. When I was a senior I was awarded a NROTC scholarship and the opprtonity to play football at NAPS. However I reported having nut allergies on my Dodmerb and was considered for a waiver in which I had to take a follow up allergy test which I failed. Fast forward to today... My Dodmerb app has expired and I went through the process of Rush Immunotherapy in order to get rid of my nut allergy. I am looking to Apply to USMC PLC because this is the only thing I can see myself doing. If I do get accepted should I go through meps or dodmerb for my medical exam and will I be fine because I have no allergy at all and can pass any allergy?
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    I have an idea what your question is but I'm not sure so here goes. Since your exam is out of date you will need to start over. DoDMERB will likely be your route as MEPS is for enlisted folks. Since you have a history of nut allergies you will likely be DQ'd again. Hopefully you will get a remedial instead of a DQ and at that point you can offer up any tests showing the allergy is no longer an issue. Either way make sure DoDMERB has the test results in your file ASAP so the waiver authority can have them at hand to review. Good luck
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    I also believe you must be off of immuno-therapy for one year as of the date of the DODMERB physical.

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