Allergy Shots (a bit of a predicament)

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Kalashnikova, Feb 8, 2009.

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    I've been in Air Force ROTC for 2 years now, and as of now I'm a contracted cadet on scholarship.

    When I first joined AFROTC, I didn't put that I had seasonal allergies and that I had been taking allergy shots (started the summer before I joined) due to the fact that I didn't think much of it considering my allergies were contained and I was on a monthly maintenance dose by then.

    Later on, not only did I realize that it would have been a serious issue, but that allergy shots would have disqualified me from day one (no waiver possible).

    I've been in the program for 2 years, and look forward to serving my time in our nation's military. It's been under my guilty conscience for a while that not disclosing my allergy treatment was a huge integrity violation.

    But at the same time, I know several other cadets with seasonal allergies who haven't said anything about it due to being scared to hell about getting disqualified.

    My options here aren't really great from what I know:

    1) Open up to the cadre, get DQ'd
    2) Say nothing, get discovered, get DQ'd
    3) Say nothing, NOT get discovered, serve my time in the AF. Everything's good.

    I'm not shooting for a rated slot such as pilot, navigator, or air battle manager. My allergies have never really bothered me that much.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    /puts flamesuit on
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    Personally I feel that my only purpose in life is to serve my country. I've been disqualified for USMA and will most likely be dqed from USMMA. If I had the oppurtunity to keep my vision a secret it would be tempting. However I don't think I could do it because my integrity is not something I want to throw away. As a cadet at most service academies the code is a cadet/midshipman will not lie cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do. In ROTC your values should be the same. I would try and be honest and role with the punches. Good Luck!!!!!
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    If your purpose is to serve your country, and you want to go the service academy/rotc/enlisted servicemember route you're obligated to tell the truth on behalf of the people of this country you wish to serve

    i told a hard truth that made for a challenging ride through the process, but in the end a waiver was granted along with an appointment. i'm glad i did it the way i did

    if this shouldn't work out for someone, and they feel like they need to serve their country, then their are MANY MANY more ways of doing that. the armed forces is one of the countless and selfless ways to give to your fellow countrymen

    best of luck to everyone throughout the process

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