ALO didnt pick up phone call. What to do?


HS Sophomore USAFA aspirer.
Hi Ive recently made first contact with my ALO through email and he gave me a call first and email but the call had to be postponed till the next morning. The email tells all the basics and I gave him a call the next morning but he didnt pick up I left a message explaining that he could call me after 5 or email me to schedule another call since hes busy. Anyways its after 5pm and nothing should I email him, call him or wait? He did say he wanted to talk to answer my personnal questions.Thanks in advance!


If you just left a message you have no confirmation that he received it. ALOs are busy people with other jobs, so he was likely occupied with something else. Be patient and give him a few days to reach out to you. I would recommend waiting about a week before initiating contact again, but others may have different suggestions.