ALO Evaluation and Transcript questions for USAFA 2022

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    Hi everyone, I am currently a candidate for the USAFA Class of 2022. I have two questions:

    1. Does my ALO as of today not sending the evaluation to USAFA hurt my chances? I'm just afraid that as each day passes my application stays incomplete while others meet the admissions board.

    2. Does any else see their College Transcript as still missing on their portal?

    Any help for either question would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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    I’m a reapplicant for 2022 as well. Our semester at MMI ended during the first week in December so my college transcripts weren’t received until the end of December. As for your app not going to the board, no one off of your nomination slate will be offered the appointment until your app is complete. Don’t stress about it! I would call your school registrar as well as your Admissions Counselor to see what the hold up is. Give your ALO a ring too to see if he/she has put in the interview. Best of luck!!!
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