ALO for summer seminar


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Jan 18, 2018
DS was appointed an ALO upon completion of his SS application Will this be they same ALO that will be assigned to him for the Academy application process? Just curious.
It can stay the same or change as the ALOs cycle through. Many are active duty service members that volunteer for this. My ALO did not change from the SS application to the Academy application
There is usually one ALO designated for a particular area. My ALO changed just as I applied for SS because my old ALO moved cities. Also, you son's interview will not be conducted by his usual ALO. An ALO will be assigned to your son and the interview will conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts. (I think this was done so that ALO's wouldn't show favoritism.)
There are many threads on this forum regarding ALOs. The general belief is that AFA ALOs are more hands off than other SAs. IDK if this is by design or not but DD found everything she needed to know in the information provided by USAFA or on web if she dug deep enough. And since your assigned ALO is not the person who will interview you, I wouldn't expend much energy thinking about your ALO. Focus on your application and test scores.