ALO Interview Advice


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Jul 10, 2017
Hi all, just completed my interview with my local ALO. It all went well and I'd like to share a few bits of advice for anyone that needs it.

Prepare but don't memorize.
In your head, come up with an outline of leadership examples, talking points, and general answers. If you try to memorize answers you'll just end up forgetting, losing your mental place, and be unable to give a good answer.

Be animated.
Don't be a monotone meatbag. Crack a few USAFA related jokes, smile, laugh, engage, talk about entertaining stories related to the question.

Your ALO will probably be a relaxed person who has done these interviews a million times and has more USAF experience than you'd care to know. So try to mirror their temperament, if they are loose with the interview try to chill and just have a proper conversation- it's not an interrogation.

Ask questions that show you care.
When the interview is coming to a close and he/she asks you "do you have any questions for me" don't ask something stupid like "uh... um... like how are u?". Ask something relating to the USAF or USAFA, ask them about something specific in their career, ask about alternate paths in the USAF if you end up not qualifying to be a pilot, ask them something spicy like what they don't like about USAF or the academy.

Stay chilly, the interview is important, but you're more likely to mess it up if you're anxious and over prepared than if your relaxed and ready.

But take this with an unhealthy amount of salt grains, after all I'm not in yet...
Thank you 948, that's solid advice. My son read your response and laughed, thinks you two would get along. His ALO interview is next week and we look forward to seeing that checked off the list.