ALO interview without a parent?


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Jul 19, 2009
Does anyone know if it would be okay if my father was not present for my ALO interview? He has been extremely busy trying to find a new job, and really doesn't have any time for this.( He got laid off a month ago when his plant closed down) Thanks for your responses!

Very Respectfully,

It is perfectly fine for you to interview with your ALO without your parent/s.

My son handled the entire ALO contact process and interview on his own. In fact, our local ALO asked my son to come alone. Parents were not necessary.

Best of luck with your interview. The ALOs are very helpful.

It really depends on what your ALO wants. Mine specifically requested the interview take place at my house with at least one parent home.
Have you tried talking to your ALO about it? I'm sure if you explained it to them, they would understand. I think it would show a lot of strength on your part. Perhaps your ALO might even be able to accomodate you at a time or venue that would be more convenient for all of you. Just a thought.
For one of my son's Liaison interviews, he called his LO ahead of time and asked if we as parents were invited or expected to attend. His LO's response was "Your folks are welcome and encouraged to come – it’s up to you." Talk to your ALO, he/she is there to help you.
I say parents are helpful. Especially when you get to ask the ALO about the Academy. But for the interview portion, you could easily do it without the moral support of parents.
I prefer to NOT have the parents involved; it's just my method. After all, it's the student that is interested in the academy and I want to hear what they have to say.

Also...parents being there can be both a blessing and a curse. In MANY instances it's great: the parents are totally supportive and we have a great interview. However SOMETIMES the parents involve themselves in the interview, and can actually become a distraction for both me and their student.

Also some parents place pressure on their student by being there...and that's NOT what I want. I assume the candidate is a bit nervous; that's to be expected, but if the parent being there causes issues, it can only harm the candidate and potentially detract from their interview.

That being said, I will conduct the interview ANYPLACE the candidate requires with ONE proviso: if the candidate is female, we will hold the interview at school where we can be seen, or at the home with the parents in attendance. I do not know ONE ALO that will conduct an interview of an opposite gender candidate "privately."