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  • Hello Sir, I was hoping you could please share our local ALO for Allatoona High School, Acworth, GA. My son is a Junior. Thank you so much!!

    I wasn't able to "pick" the school, however, I did find an ALO that lives in Acworth! You might have your son call/email him.

    Maj Timothy Ryan Moore
    Acworth, GA

    Thank you so much! He will reach out to him now!! I appreciate your help.
    Hello flieger83 - my DD passed her CFA with USNA (scores below). Will they passed for USAFA? Any glaring concerns on any particular scores?
    BB throw: 60
    Pull ups: 2
    Shuttle: 9.7
    Push ups: 35
    Sit ups: 83
    Mile run: 7:53
    I think she'll be fine. If you check the AFA's "guide" for females, your daughter is ABOVE the BB throw, on-point with pullups, a touch (hiccup) slower on the shuttle (by 0.3 sec), six below on the pushups, but a bunch above on the sit-ups. The mile...23 seconds.

    And if not, she'll be so close they'd ask for a redo. But I think she's good as NOTHING is "OMG not good..." and several are "OMG, NICE..."
    It's been a long life (since 1st grade) dream for her to attend. Thank you for your prompt input. Have an awesome day!
    Hey, I am going into my sophomore year at Hesston High School 67062. I figured it would be smart to Get in contact with my ALO but I am struggling to find their Contact Info, If you could give me some direction that would be great, Thanks.
    Good morning, Sir. Happy 4th of July!
    I'm hoping you can provide the contact information from my ALO. I'm located in Chicago, IL.
    Thank you for your time.
    I'd need to know what high school you're in and then it's a 50-50 chance I can find it.
    Thank you. St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL
    I am looking for the ALO for Righetti High School Santa Maria. Can you help?
    I'd need to know what high school you're in and then it's a 50-50 chance I can find it. Santa Maria, CA?
    Hello I'm a sophomore at Hendersonville High School 37075 and I really would like to know who my ALO is if you could help. Thanks.
    New here - how do I send a private message?
    Once you've been a member and posted for a while, that feature will unlock.
    Thanks so much!
    Good afternoon, I am also looking to contact my ALO and can't find him/her. WSR High School, Waverly, IA. Thank you for your help.
    Hello, is there anyway you could help me find my ALO? My school is Durant High School, Plant City FL

    Thanks, I'd really appreciate it!
    Hello Sir,

    I’m also looking for my ALO officer. My school is Vandegrift High School, Austin, Texas.

    Thank you so much for your help!
    Here you go!!

    School Information Assigned ALO
    ETS Code: 440363
    Vandegrift High School
    9500 Mcneil Dr
    Austin, TX 78750-8530
    LtCol Keith Linenberger
    325 Santaluz Lane
    Austin, TX 78732
    Hi, I'm going to be a high school junior next year and want to get in contact with my ALO. Could you point me in the right direction? I'm attending Cedar Park High School, in Cedar Park, Texas. Appreciate it.
    @flieger83 Is it possible this information is outdated or even wrong? I have been trying to get in contact with my ALO since you gave me this information but haven't been successful. Thanks.
    It should still be current...let me check another system.

    He is still listed with: christopherwyckoff93@gmail.com however the new system doesn't let me see his address, phone, etc. I have reached out to the area director. I'll let you know what I hear.
    I contacted the area director, Lt Col Honeycutt. She emailed colonel Wyckoff and he responded immediately.

    Contact Colonel Honeycutt at: alhoneycutt@yahoo.com and give her your name, year, etc., and she'll be able to help you.
    My son is in the summer seminar now and trying to figure out who the ALO is for ST Louis MO. Do you have a list? the link that you've shared last year currently links to a information request page. Any help you can provide would be welcome. Thank you
    Good afternoon Sir, I’m having trouble finding my ALO for my school and was wondering if you could be of assistance. I currently attend Canyon High School in Anaheim, California.

    Thank you!
    Hi I’m a new member and can’t seem to figure out how to pm. I reached out to the administrator but haven’t received a response. If you could point me to some instructions on this it would be appreciated. Thanks
    Good evening sir,

    I am looking for the officer for Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins High School, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
    Dustin Mock

    Give Captain Pauken a shout!

    School Information Assigned ALO
    Colorado Early Colleges Windso
    7640 Westgate Dr
    Windsor, CO 80528-9330
    Capt Emma Pauken
    1921 Oakwood Drive
    Fort Collins, CO 80521
    Dustin Mock
    Thank you for the swift reply,

    To be certain, is Captain Pauken the ALO for the Fort Collins and Windsor Locations? You gave me the Windsor location while I attend the Fort Collins campus. It is probably the same officer but I would like to be certain.

    Thanks again!
    Good afternoon Sir. I was having some trouble finding my ALO for my school and was wondering if you could be of assistance. I currently attend Flower Mound High School, in Flower Mound Texas.

    Thank you for your help,
    Leo Alicea.
    I can do that!

    School Information Assigned ALO
    ETS Code: 442434
    Flower Mound High School
    3411 Peters Colony Rd
    Flower Mound, TX 75022-2808
    LtCol Clark Clayton
    1028 Canongate Dr
    Flower Mound, TX 75022


    Look at when this poster joined and look at the content of the posts that have been proffered. Something doesn’t seem right
    Hello, Sir! I was hoping you might be able to assist me in finding the correct ALO contact for Heritage High School, Littleton, Co. I am unable to find it online and my counselor does not know. I found a phone number for region 3 in a 2016 pre-candidate packet, although I have not been able to get past an answering machine. I would greatly appreciate any help you would be willing to provide :)
    Here you go!!

    School Information Assigned ALO
    ETS Code: 060929
    Heritage High School
    1401 W Geddes Ave
    Littleton, CO 80120-4120
    Maj Clifford Flowers
    11886 South Breeze Grass Way
    Parker, CO 80134
    Thank you, Sir!
    Hi, Sir! I am trying, without success, to find the ALO for my school. Neither of my JROTC instructors nor my counselors know. I've contacted the AFA but no response yet. Thank you so much for any help!!! -Day05 Perry High School Perry, GA

    The ALO assigned is:

    School Information Assigned ALO
    ETS Code: 112390
    Perry High School
    1307 North Avenue
    Perry, GA 31069
    Col Brian Mueller
    409 Starlifter Way
    Warner Robins, GA 31098-1318
    I cannot thank you enough! I will contact him. Thank you , thank you , thank you!!
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