Already feeling like a family


Oct 2, 2016
My DS is a recruited athlete. February 1 is signing day. It's not necessary for D3 but it's a nice thing the schools do. CGA is trying to find an "old bear" to come. Apparently they try to do as many as they can. The email he received about this was so nice and the offers of "anything he needs" are overwhelming. This really feels like a family he will be part of. Thank you
My DS was wrestling in a tournament this past weekend... parents of a 4/c band member (not even associated with wrestling) who have been chatting on Facebook and live near by ... suddenly text me that they are at the school and here to cheer & support DS ... they spent 3+ hours with us on their free Saturday ... a lot of people/schools say they are family ... this group lives it
If they're offering, I highly recommend the 2017 Chevy Impala. Not over the top, but very, very nice.
Before R-Day we met up with parents in our area who had cadets two years ahead of my son. Although their sons have graduated, we still get together for dinner, to watch football, or for the occasional party. I am still good friends with the parents of a cadet in my son's class who decided to leave at the end of his 2nd year. When I texted them that I was in their part of the country on business, they said they'd come pick me up at the airport (a 1-1/2 hour drive from their home) if I could adjust my flights. I spent a great weekend with them before flying back home. You will be joining a small, tight-knit CGA family when you drop your child off on R-Day.
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