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    Morning Greetings.

    First, I just want to thank you all. This is my first post; however, I've been reading the threads for over a year. We're in SE Texas.

    My DS is a 2018 academy hopeful. He's 3Q'd with a MOC nomination. He got the TWE from the USAFA over a month ago, but still waiting to hear from the USNA. He also applied for ROTC - didn't get the NROTC, but was awarded the AFROTC. Navy is his first choice in all the world. On the NROTC, DS was very disappointed. Chief that interviewed him was very positive and excited about his credentials. We were told unofficially that DS may have been a casualty of budget cuts affecting Navy & Marines. Lesson: apply earlier!

    If the USNA sends the TWE, my DS has been accepted at five other schools and will most likely choose The Citadel. As you can imagine, you'll find me on the Still In The Game Thread.

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