Alternative Athletics in High School...?


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Jan 30, 2009
I do not do any kind of organized sports, but I have done competitive horseback riding for the past 8 years...

I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into what the academy thinks about this. Or if anyone has been in a similar situation.
Check out the different academy websites. I know West Point has an Equestrian team. Being a committed athlete in any sport helps make you a well rounded person.
Have you competed in any national or international events, have u won any awards or large competitions, all those things make the academy happy!

... or so i was told by my bgo and MOC. i race bikes, lance armstrong style, and i was nervous about it because i couldnt letter in it and its not an NCAA sport however i was told that having been state champion, raced nationals, and racesd in international events was HUUGEEEE.

so if you can get to some serious equestrian competitions, do ittt!!!!!
I qualified once several years ago to a national event, but I haven't done anything bigger than statewide since. My classes are really large (80-100 people) so it is really difficult to place. I really hope that they dont look poorly upon this because I haven't excelled in the shows.

I also compete in 4-H in my county, and I have done well at the fair even though it is my "fun" show. The competition is minimal so I have won grand champion several times. Maybe that will be a better indicator...
What grade are you in? I would join a sport if you are a junior. Try track or cross country. Don't really need skill to run. Just a helluva good endurance.
I cheer competitively and that was my only sport. The Naval Academy apparently does not consider their cheerleading a varsity sport. However, they accepted cheerleading as my only sport for my application.