Am I allowed to...


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Nov 13, 2008
... cook my own food?
... unscrew the PC box and replace the parts?
... roller-skate around the yard?

(I thought it would be interesting to know if I could do some of these things while at the academy. I know the specific rules vary from company to company, but before I could begin speculating I'd like to know if any one activity is in accordance w/ USNA's general policies. Anyone else, feel free to add questions--nothing too ridiculous please--hopefully those who attended the academy will be able to provide insight.)
No doubt there are current mids out there who will supply detail, but I would say, generally, no. Speaking as a former Battalion Officer tasked to enforce certain things, and as a current midshipman sponsor, I will also tell you there are many, many things written in Midshipmen Regulations (Mid Regs) that are slithered around in reality.

Meals are one of the many Mandatory Fun items you get to share. There are fire marshal regulations about what you can have in your room, but mids are fairly creative about "stuff."
PCs ... you'll get your issue computer and be showered with Ward Hall (home of all things IT) rules and regulations. Mids are very adept at customizing their IT gear, but since they operate on a DOD system, government rules about information security come into play.
Roller-skating on the Yard.... LOL. There are areas where jogging and dog-walking aren't allowed due to the formal or ceremonial nature of the surroundings. There are also rules about what you can and can't stow in your room.

Of course, there's always mattress-surfing the ladders, carrier quals, plebe golf, swivel chair racing and other fine activities. I had the pleasure of observing many unique customs and traditions during my time in Bancroft Hall. Do not doubt, amidst the academic slogging, military lifestyle and other constraints, that a body of over 4000 bright, motivated and creative midshipmen manage to have a lot of fun.

By the way, you comment "you know the rules vary from company to company." The rules are set by the Commandant, and they don't vary. It's the enforcement of those rules that varies, depending on the commitment, maturity and skill of the company leadership.

If you can find Naval Academy Midshipmen Regulations online, you will see what it's supposed to be. Reality is much different, with much depending on the company's atmosphere -- slacker or hard-core. You will take an oath to uphold those regulations on Induction Day. Much will depend on your personal sense of honor and willingness to abide by rules that govern almost every aspect of your life, with a goal of instilling the self-discipline that's required before the Navy or Marine Corps entrusts you with the lives of sailors, Marines and million-dollar pieces of gear. Oops, didn't mean to go off on the moral tangent, just keep in mind that USNA is often a big game of cops and robbers (you can figure out who's who), but in the end, the robbers are in training to become cops.
Little grasshopper, let some of the mysteries unfold in their own time.:Benny_monkeysmilies
Plebe golf....ahh the memories of Bancroft.

I suppose plebe greyhound racing is no longer tolerated.

"The Naval Academy is a place where 18 year-old boys hide their underwear and 30 year-old men try to find it."
You have to picture me, as a "non-grad" BattO, coming back into the Hall one night to retrieve a bag of gym gear, and walking onto 6-0 -- everyone froze. The Hall at night was a whole different place, as you probably fondly recall. I waved, said "don't do anything the CDO will have to wake me up for, have fun!" My favorite tour, after the command tours...