Am I competitive enough?

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    Hello fellow stalkers,


    Math: 31
    Reading: 31
    Science: 25
    Writing: 26

    GPA: 3.85 on 4.0 scale
    top 10 of 120 or something. I attend an academy so students drop out and enroll often.
    Got most of my Bs' in 9th grade...-.-
    I wasn't able to speak english fluently till 9th grade then I struggled through all of the classes. I had B in English 1, Art 1, Biology 1, world history, and i think geometry..

    AP/pre honors classes available at my school: 6
    AP classes taken: 5
    1)AP Calculus-11th grade
    2)AP Civics-12th grade
    3)AP Modern US History-11th Grade
    4)AP language-11th grade
    5)Pre-Honors US Early History-10th grade
    6)AP Literature-I dropped out of this class and took College ENG102 instead

    College Course-I think I have taken a total of 7? Not quite sure since I take these classes for fun. Except English 102, I need this to graduate
    1)english 101-8th grade
    2)computer 110-9th grade
    3)computer repair/hardware-12th grade
    4)english 102-12th grade(Taking Now)
    5)Brief Calculus-12th grade (Taking Now)
    6)Computers for Beginners-12th Grade (Taking Now...Im taking this class because I know it is easy and I think I have the senioritis...o_O)
    7)Chemistry and Lab-11th Grade

    Awards/Extracurricular activities

    Sports: Available 3 per year. Completed 1 per year & 2 during senior year
    Athletic letter for soccer in 9th Grade
    MVP in Co-ed Varsity Soccer 10&11th grade
    Captain 11th and 12th grade. (soccer season just started 2 weeks ago at my school)
    Arizona State Champion for Cross Country 2010
    won few top 5 place in local events for Cross Country
    Played city soccer in Octoberish of 2010
    US Soccer club level: Level 5

    NHS: member in 11th grade
    President in 12th grade
    Will complete about 4 or 5 big projects before school ends

    Key Club:
    9th grade: member
    10th grade: Bullitin Editor/newspaper editor
    11th grade: Secretary
    12th: President
    Have successfully completed about 6 Big projects and will do maybe 2 more.

    Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA):
    10th grade: no bueno..
    11th grade: Won 3rd place twice in regional competition for Entrepreneurship with a partner. Won 5th Place in State Competition for Entrepreneurship.
    12th grade: Won First place in Impromptu speech, first place in marketing, first place in technology concept

    Relay for Life/American Cancer Society:
    Youth Involvement Chairman.
    Started few months ago.

    Jack in the box: Cashier
    my mom makes me work there.. But its actually a pretty good experience. Helps me with verbal & communication skills A LOT.:biggrin:

    No tickets or anything from police officers. At least not yet hahaha

    Athletic ability: (From PE class last week)
    Fastest mile time: 5:15
    Fastest about 0.85 miles (one lap around our park in town): 3:57 (school record)
    Most push ups in a minute: 60
    Most sit ups in a minute: 60
    Fatest 100 meter sprint: 10 seconds
    NOT FLEXIBLE AT ALL hahahaha although I can do backflips once awhile hehehe:)

    Thats all I can think of that will really matter on here. I passed all of my medical stuff and got my nomination. So please tell me what you think based on my information. This seems like a typical information from everyone else except a lot less. I moved to America in 5th grade and I didn't speak english enough to play sports or join clubs till 9th grade. I did run track and field in 8th grade and set the record for 4 X 100 meter sprint; I was the starting runner. anyways Please tell me what you think:) Go Class of 2015!!!
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    If you seriously ran 100 meters in 10 seconds you need to do track, because you would be the high school national champion, and could possible have a chance on the Olympics team....but i doubt it was 10 seconds lol but your resume looks pretty good, i bet youll get an appt, unless you really screw something up
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    Feb 27, 2011
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  4. suh_sung_woo

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    Well the 100 meter sprint was probablly 110~120. We ran a full soccer length. And my teacher yelled out 10 seconds as a crossed the line. This was in a class called "fitness of life". also called "extreme PE" haha. Its not official time but it was for a grade and well thats about approximate. And thank you for the encouragement
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    Wait, you were the INDIVIDUAL Arizona XC champion? If so, then you are pretty much definitely in....but with a 5:15 mile time, I doubt that is the case (no offense). That is a good time for a girl and a decent time for a boy.
    Anyway, looking at your ACT scores, you should probably try to get them a little higher because a composite of 28 is good but not great. Being in the top 10% is good though :)
    I don't mean to offend you, but you don't make it clear if you are male or female, but regardless, your potential CFA scores seem pretty strong. You are well on your way to maxing out some of the events, no matter what your gender is.
    You have a strong profile, but there really are so many factors. My profile is actually similar to yours with slightly higher test scores, more sports, different clubs, and 2 less AP courses & I'm still waiting for a resolution amongst other triple qualified candidates. Good luck to you, I hope you get in! :)

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