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    I am a JUNIOR GIRL in high school who is seriously looking to getting in West Point. I'm wondering if my backround will be enough to get into such a great school. This is some general info that I thought would help. Any remarks would be appreciated. I really am hoping on getting in and was just curious about what you all thought.

    My ACT test is this week.
    I have a 3.2 something GPA overall currently.
    Taken 2 college credit classes: U.S. Gov't and Politics and Foreign Policy
    Have so far taken three years of science, math, history, and english.
    Next year I will have completed two years of Spanish.
    Will take trig, pre-calculus, computer programming, anatomy, and english classes next year as well

    So far:
    2 years of varsity golf-2010 season onto sectionals (solo)
    -2011 season onto sectionals (team)
    2 years of basketball (varsity 1 year)
    3 years of softball-2010 season named most RBI's

    Clubs: Science Club, FCA (secretary), Drama Club, Class Executive Board, Spanish Club, FBLA, and took part in U.N. student conference for government class.

    I have also volunteered at a humane society for an outreach project.

    Let me know and thanks for your help!:smile:
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    What are your ACT / SAT scores?
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    Class rank?

    Try to be class or student body president. Also look into Girl's State.

    Try to get 30s or higher on the ACT and over 1400 on the SAT.

    Aim to be a Captain of a team.

    A lot of it depends on where you are applying from.

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