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    I am a junior in high school in Sacramento, Ca. My most recent unweighted cumulative gpa is 3.7 in all honors classes, that was from last semester as a sophmore. I am ranked 85 out of 582 in my class. Currently I am taking Spanish 3, honors english 3, algebra 2, AP united states history, and physiology, and a preforming arts elective. I plan on getting all A's in these classes. I do varsity pole vaulting and will do pole vault and cross country in my senior year. I will be joining the coast guard auxiliary. I am a member of the community emergency response team (C.E.R.T.) I have been playing piano and guitar for seven or more years. I work at Baskin robbins as a shift leader. I am an officer in the Spanish club, and we sponsor hispanic families in need. I am a member of many other clubs inluding NHS and CSF ( california scholarship federation) which is similar to NHS. I was on a swim team for 9 years. I plan on applying to AIMs and summer seminar at the USNA. I am going to apply to every academy except West Point. I plan on touring all the academies in February. I have not taken the SAT's yet, but I do take the PSAT next week. Thank you very much in advance, I am very great full to know that I can go to this forum for advice and accurate information.
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    Looks like you're on the right track. Keep challenging yourself academically, take advantage of any new leadership opportunities, apply to AIM, continue to take the SAT/ACT until you fell you can do no better, and stay out of trouble.

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