Am I on track to receive an appointment for USNA?

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    I am currently a sophomore in HS. Around last year, I started looking into attending a service academy, after a kid from my school got a nomination for USMA. I was looking into the Navy after realizing the opportunities I had for travel, and also, I felt it was the best place to put a (future) engineering degree into action.

    Academically, I think I might be on track. I take as many advanced classes as I can, and I'm currently maintaining a 3.7 UW GPA, and a 3.95~ Weighted. Our school doesn't rank at all, but I should be in the top 15-20%. I'm in the school's engineering program, where I'm taking different Engineering classes like Computer Modelling and Electronic Principles.

    As far as Awards and Extra-Curriculars go, I feel that I have accomplished alot in the few that I have. I received an award in Biology for the research I did last year, and hope to do better this year. I've been doing robotics for 5 years, and qualified for the World Championship tournament this year. I lead a photography club with 30~ members, and volunteered alot with my Congressman (alumni from my HS). It was his first campaign too, so I have a good relationship with him. I've also played the piano for 6 years, and will receive my professional certification before I graduate.

    Physically is where I'm concerned. I did karate for 8 years, and got my first-degree black belt, registered in Japan and everything, however I never competed anywhere. I also played JV/V tennis, and will probably receive a most improved player award for my improvement this year. Basically, not a whole bunch leadership wise or competitive here.

    I speak 5 languages due to my upbringing/interest in languages. My parents are first-generation Americans, and I am also a naturalized citizen from India. Where is my application weak, and how can I improve?
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    I recommend reading this sticky:, really helped me out with a lot of my questions.

    Keep doing tennis, sports are important. Having a Black Belt is awesome tool very cool!

    Work on the CFA, it's never too early to begin.

    Apply to the Summer Seminar come junior year (it'll also act as your preliminary app to USNA). Also consider their STEM program and sports camps, open to our grade so you don't have to wait until next year for SS. (Summer Seminar is also very very competitive and it's said that it's mainly used as a recruiting tool [I'm just repeating what a lot of people say on here and from what I've heard talking to current Mids], so don't be too bummed if you don't get in.)

    Quality>quantity, so keep working with the EC's you've got, leading the photography club is good for leadership too!

    Also check out the class profile:

    And read the catalog and follow the recommended classes, which it seems you're doing:
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    You know. Keep working on your PT and your leadership. 92% of this year's entering class played varsity athletics. Many of them were leaders in various athletics and activities. It seems you should do well on your standardized tests. Your perceived ranking seems adequate, no more. Keep taking lots of math and science. They'll like your ethnicity and your expertise in multi-culturalism and languages. Good work and good luck. You're starting to ask the right questions in good time.
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    During your junior year, try to get selected for Boys' State. You can usually talk to your school counselor about applying; however, if your school does not select people, you can contact your local American Legion post about applying. Generally, applications start early-mid of your second semester of your junior year.

    I attended Boys' State, was elected Governor, and chosen for Boys' Nation. Not only were these events amazing experiences that I will never forget, but they also look GREAT for the academies. The American Legion people that run these programs are awesome, and I can almost guarantee that you will leave with some great friends, new leadership abilities, a better understanding of government, and an unwavering want to serve. The only problem is, different Boys’ State programs will contradict with your want to go to SLS (this has no weight on your application, but I hear is an awesome experience).

    Also, as Whistle Pig said, varsity sports are important! You should try for team captain, too. If you have time, I would have to suggest student council as well (try for president or VP).

    Lastly, make sure you are studying for the SAT/ACT, they are very important. I suggest taking your first test early in your junior year (you could even start now), then retaking it as many times as you can. The academies combine the highest scores of your tests, so it does not hurt you take them more than once.
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    I agree with everything said here and I also would also suggest you take the ACT/SAT at the end of the school year this year. Once you receive your scores, develop a plan to review material over the summer to improve areas of relative weakness, and also improve your strengths. Also, get a good test prep book, and if you are taking the ACT test, there is a book at your local bookstore (or Amazon) that contains 5 real ACT tests with the answers.

    For my DS, the June ACT test worked well because school was out, he had some time to prep for the test, and there were not as many distractions.

    Good luck!


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