Amazing MCROTC gal


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Jun 9, 2006
I've been researching NROTC online to try to understand some of the ins and outs of the program. I found a great site called and on it was a link to this article.

It's about an amazing ROTC gal at Harvard

Shawna L. Sinnott ’10 can kick your ass, ball-gown, high-heels and all. After competing earlier this year in the Miss Massachusetts USA competition, ... - 39k.

Again, she's amazing and worth reading about.
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The Crimson scribes have missed the key point though ... the REALLY amazing twist here is that there is at least one student with such exceptional gifts and talents AND love of her country and its the military @ Hahvod. :eek:

I'll bet it's lonely @ ROTC and Republican teas.

Nah, she's probably too busy to be lonely, but should your lad go to that other yard, Shawna'd probably welcome the good company of another like-minded patriot. Each to her own, and here's that yours will land in the real Yard.
My girlfriend is a current AFROTC Cadet. It's going to be interesting at the annual KSU Army VS Airforce Games.