AMI R251.14


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Jan 6, 2017
R251.14- Det/Bn Commander's Unit Fitness Activity Report.

This request asks for a statement from my Battalion or Detachment Commander regarding my level of participation in unit fitness and also my fitness test results.

I am not apart of a Battalion or any unit so how do I respond to this?
+1 to @AJC
I would assume that you had some injury or surgery and DoDMERB wants someone other than you to state that you have no physical limitations. Specifically they are looking for it to come from a source they can trust ie the battalion commander. I will guess that they will accept a report from your gym teacher or coach. But that is only my guess. Contact your DoDMERB tech and let them know that you are not in a ROTC unit and who can provide the information they want and also, make sure you ask what information they want or if they have a form that can be filled out.