An Amazing Army Medic

Wow, she's an awesome medic and soldier. Too bad she gets pulled out for doing her job. Good article and link, thanks for posting.
The days of women in full-blown combat are coming.

Then, all the feminists (most of whom will never once put on a uniform) will be able to point and pat themselves contendly on the back when the shattered bodies of women who actually practiced what they preached begin coming home.

Those of us who were and are called bigots (and worse) simply because we'd rather spare women that horror will stand by quietly, honor the courage and sacrifices of the dead and wounded, and mutter to the celebrating , "See? We told you so. Happy now?"

It's bad enought to see men come home in bags and on strechers, and maybe I'm just old-fashioned enough to think it should ONLY be men. I will not devalue the service, sacrifices, or accomplishments of those women who go in harms way, but I will always wish it were different.

Flame on. It always ends that way...