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    Sep 12, 2017
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    Hello all,

    I recently received my 3Q letter yesterday in my portal and I am super super thrilled. Plus, I already have two nominations (1 Pres. and 1 Congressional), so I am eligible for appointment. Could anyone tell me when's the soonest I can hear back? I don't know if I am #1 on my nominator's list since he submitted a competitive slate, but I just really hate waiting until Feb. 26. Idk if this helps but my stats are SAT- 1370, UW 3.67, W 4.5, Class Rank- 25/250, and I am from NC District 03. Its always been my dream to attend West Point. Thanks in advance.
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    The soonest you’ll hear back? Feb wave. But it could be any time between now and June...hold on!!!
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