And so it begins... (again)


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May 20, 2007
With Sea Trials on Friday and the shoulderboard ceremony this afternoon, fourth class year has officially begun! Swab Summer was definitely a huge challenge for all of us, but I feel like I've grown a lot as a person since 30 June. Anyway, now that the academic year is starting I should have (a little) more free time on weekends and whatnot so if any 2013ers or whoever has any questions about the application process, AIM, swab summer, or 4/c year (as time goes on) I'll be happy to answer or find out the answer for you. Hope you enjoyed your summer, here comes school!
Congrats for making it through Swab Summer, Zach. Now the hard part begins. :thumb:
Bravo zulu to you Zach. Great job! It's true the academic year is even tougher but I'm sure you'll make it.:thumb: BTW what company did you land in?
thanks luigi, and I'm in Bravo for the school year. Looking forward to getting rolling on thursday.