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    For those experienced in such matters, how will the proposed cutbacks/reductions in the Army effect WP, and more importantly, opportunities afterward?
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    I can't say that I have an facts to back up my opinion, but I'd assume that the U.S. ARMY would make sure that their officers from their military academy would have plenty of opportunities and benefits after serving their time. I can't imagine them throwing their USMA graduates into the deep end without knowing how to swim.

    A moderator could give you a more accurate answer than i can.
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    Doing more with less....

    As frustrating and difficult at it is, the most competitive districts produce some of the best candidates going into SA. Simply because the cream rises to the top.

    During the history of the military, there have been peaks and valleys and will continue in the future. As we have been witnessing a down turn in the past years. SA had classes as high as 1400 cadets. This was happening during the crescendo of both gulf war pushes with an all-volunteer force. America knew this would come to an end but when? The class sizes began to fall more notably with WP Class 2015 and Class ’16 below 1200. WP Class ’17 and ’18 no different. We have seen ROTC scholarships become less frequent also. However, SA applications have risen and this is due to multifaceted issues.

    Yes at WP there are less opportunities. But for those who rise will get the opportunities, they will be available. Yes, there are less second chances at WP but those who challenge themselves won’t worry.

    During this time of reduction, is when real leadership needs to take place. Those who put their cruise control on will be left. Those who continue to challenge themselves to improve will rise.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Things in the Army aren't really slowing down. More combat hardened units are now finding themselves deployed on rotations in support of Theater Security Cooperation Programs doing training exercises with foreign countries. Dollars are dwindling, unit fill rates are going down which all translate to more work with less resources for those that remain. It becomes a real leadership challenge to balance it all so your Soldiers can still execute their mission.

    Competition when it comes to retention also comes into play. In addition to slowing promotion rates for junior officers, there are separation boards at the Captain and Major ranks as the Army seeks to drawdown. As tug says, those that put it on cruise control will be left, and possibly forced, out.

    What does this all mean to someone considering WP? I'd take it with a grain of salt. A lot can happen between now and the 4.5 years until 2018 graduates, and even more until y'all reach the end of your active duty service obligation. If you talked to the candidates in the mid-90s, the Army they saw was coming through another drawdown, and the heavy action was Kosovo and Somalia. They became the LTs/CPTs that were at the front of the post 9/11 conflicts, benefitted from elevated promotion rates and are now moving to become the Battalion Commanders (and by your graduation, Brigade Commanders).

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