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    Hey all,

    I was able to get a letter from my Doctor stating that I am not allergic to shellfish peanut or tree nuts and can eat them with no reaction. My new problem was when he wrote the letter he wrote, eczema like rashes on the letter and that will DQ for eczema.

    I am going to see the allergist today to find out if I have eczema. But because of that letter alone, it will be a DQ. What should I do to get a waiver for eczema, anything in specific from the Doctor?

    What conditions would eczema be waivered for? I searched up old threads and it seems hit or miss.
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    My son is going through the waiver process for peanut and tree nuts currently. We had to contact an allergist to have testing done for nut allergies which was done by bloodwork (RAST) and oral nut challenge. The allergy will not be waived until we prove that DS no longer has allergy which can only be done with the assistance of an allergist - or at least that is what we were told. Also, if the letter states that after you ingest shellfish, tree nuts, or peanuts and have a skin reaction then it is showing an allergic reaction which is a DQ. Do you currently experience a rash when you eat any of these 3 foods? If so, then you are experiencing any anaphylactic reaction which is the rash or hives to the food you ate and not eczema. Was this diagnosis from where you were a young child? Our allergist stated that 20% of kids who have a food allergy will outgrow but only testing will deterimine..
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    This is a perfect example of giving too much information resulting in unintended consequences.
    When requesting a letter from a Doctor tell them what it needs to say. And to not comment on anything other than the subject at hand, in this case an allergy.
    Most Doctors are more than happy to comply.
    DoDMERB looks for certain phases like, "Cleared for all activities without restriction", "No history of..", etc
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    Did the doctor say you got eczema-like rashes when you consume shellfish, peanut, tree nuts, etc???

    Or did the doctor say you currently have eczema-like rashes? If this is the case, go to a dermatologist and have him/her give you a definitive diagnosis based on the rash you have now.
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