Another Medal of Honor recepient's view of Torture

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    One Patriot's opinion :

    This is from Bud Day, Medal of Honor winner and most highly decorated living American. His take is worth reading even though you may disagree. It is truly amazing that the former POWs are not part of the debate on this subject that is consuming so much of the airwaves.

    Dear Kelly: Thanks for the "heads up" on the Medal of Honor spots. Some of my friends have seen it already and mentioned it. I sent a copy of my book to Fox News in D.C., and wanted Sean Hannity to be able to talk about what torture really is. He has no one on his side to talk about torture..who has been tortured. He is free to quote from the many illustrations that I provided in my book " Duty Honor Country"

    I got shot down over N Vietnam in 1967..a sq commander.

    After I returned in 1973.. I published 2 books that dealt a lot with "real torture" in Hanoi. Our make believe president is branding our country as a bunch of torturers when he has no idea what torture is.

    ****e.g * as to me..put thru a mock execution cuz I wud not respond...pistol whipped on the head...same event.. Couple of days later...hung by my feet all day.
    I escaped and got recaptured a couple of weeks later.. I got shot and recaptured. Shot was OK...what happened after was not.

    They marched me to Vinh.. put me in the rope trick trick..almost pulled my arms out of the sockets
    Beat me on the head w/ a little wooden rod until my eyes were swelled shut, and my unshot unbroken hand a pulp.

    Next day hung me by the arms...rebroke my right wrist...wiped out the nerves in my arms that control the hands..rolled my fingers up into a ball. Only left the slightest movement of my L forefinger. So I started answering w/ some incredible lies.

    Sent me to Hanoi strapped to a barrel of gas in the back of a truck.

    Hanoi..on my knees..rope trick again. Beaten by a big fool.

    Into leg irons on a bed in Heartbreak Hotel.

    Much kneeling--hands up at Zoo.

    Really bad beating for refuse to condemn Lyndon Johnson.

    Several more kneeling events. Cud see my knee bone thru kneeling holes.

    There was an escape from the annex to the Zoo. I was the Senior Officer of a large building

    B-cuz of escape..they started a mass torture of all commanders.

    I tk it was July 7, 1969..they started beating me w/ a car fan belt. In first 2 days I took over 300 strokes..then stopped counting cuz I never thought I wud live thru it.

    They continued day-nite torture to get me to confess to a non-existant part in the escape. This went on for at least 3 days. On my belting.. cut open my scrotunm w/ fan belt stroke. opened up both knee holes again. My fanny looked like hamburger..I cud not lie on my back.

    They tortured me into admitting that I was in on the escape..and that my 2 room-mates nu about it.

    The next day I denied the lie.

    They commenced torturing me again with 3- 6- or 9 strokes of the fan belt every day from about July 11 or 14 October 1969. I continued to refuse to lie about my roomates again.

    Now, the point of this is that our make-believe president has declared to the world that we (U. S.) is a bunch of torturers.. thus it will be OK to torture us next time when they catch us....cuz that is what the U.S. does.

    Our make-believe president is a know nothing fool who thinks that pouring a little water on some one's face, or hanging a pair of womens pants over an Arabs head is TORTURE. He is a meathead.

    I just talked to MOH holder Leo Thorsness who was also in my sq in jail was John McCain..and we agree that McCain does not speak for the POW group when he claims that Al Ghrib ws torture.. or that "water boarding" is torture.

    Our president and those fools around him who keep bad mouthing our great country are a disgrace to the United States. Please pass this info on to Sean Hannity. He is free to use it to point out the stupidity of the claims that water boarding ..which has no after torture. If it got the Arab to cough up the story about how he planned the attack on the twin towers in NYC...hurrah for the guy who poured the water.

    Col. Bud Day MOH
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    Wow, thanks for that post. Great look on the "torture" issue
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    Good read, but it leaves me skeptical when "because" is spelled "cuz" and other things like that. What is up with that?
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    I admire these men for being able to withstand what they did and return with dignity.

    However, their horrific experience gives no one the right to use torture on another man just because it doesn't compare to what they had to endure in Vietnam.

    I'm with Senator McCain on this one.
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    I'm going to have to agree with Hornetguy.

    I feel bad and proud for these men, no doubt at all.
    But it was hatefully racist, and revengeful.

    I also don't understand why the spelling and grammar are like that?
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    Maybe those fingers he spoke about being "rolled up into a little ball" are having a difficult time hitting the keys on the key board. Think about it.
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    That makes little sense, why would it be any harder to type words correctly than wrongly. I also find this suspicious, whatever the political views held by individuals I find it very hard to believe that a military man would refer to the CIC as a make beleive president.

    But assuming its real I think Hornet is spot on, its not a competition around who can torture the most effectively or the most brutally its a principled question about whether we are a nation who torture people or one that does not, if we are then we cant kid ourselves that we are any better than those people the writer is talking about.
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    Well I may be wrong but a medal of honor and a military career does not equate to a degree in english. Although you would think he would be able to spellcheck...

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