Another Service's ROTC Program


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Aug 2, 2007
Right now, I'm reviewing my options if I do not get into USNA this year. I've recently received an offer for an Army ROTC scholarship at a great school, and I would like to accept it. Would I be looked upon negatively by USNA or nomination sources if I go through a year or two of Army ROTC rather than Navy ROTC while I'm reapplying?
A couple of things -
If you contract Army ROTC you only have one "free" year that you can get out of your contract. It becomes binding at the beginning of your sophomre year. Unless you are accepted to USMA.
I am not sure about being contracted to the Army and being accepted to another academy but they may work that out.

The biggest drawback from what I hear is that you will not be eligible for a service-connected (ROTC) nomination thru AROTC to attend USNA.

If you are in AROTC and apply to USMA you will be eligible for another nomination source. Likewise with NROTC.

I can't imagine anyone going through a year or two of Army ROTC wanting to go into the Navy though!:wink:

My best advice is to think career. If you want a Navy career then NROTC should be your backup. If you want an Army career then go Army!
If you are still deciding - you can accept your letter of intent. It isn't binding at this point.

If your great school has an NROTC program (I think it does) why don't you apply for an NROTC scholarship there?
My mindset at this point is that ROTC is not my backup to a commision in the military, but just an interim between high school and the Academy. I haven't signed a contract with the Army, so it's all good at this point. It's all something to think about, and I really don't want to be greedy and accept an AROTC scholarship if I already know that the Army isn't my first choice.
As far as a career choice, I really want to do Special Operations. I feel as if I could find a job in virtually any service and be satisfied. This is pretty much the source of any indecision on my part.
Anyway, now that I realize that going Army ROTC may not be the right thing, I think I'm in the clear. The school that said they were going to offer me a scholarship stated that they strongly encouraged me to apply early decision, and I refused. Now that Army ROTC finally added themselves to my DoDMERB account, I'm listed as "Alternate" under Admissions Status.