Another soon to be college graduate


Jul 10, 2015
My daughter is graduating with a BA in Spanish in May, 2018. She is considering Officer Candidate School for the Marines. My son applied to Army and Navy ROTC and was awarded an Army ROTC 3 year scholarship in April, 2016. Can my daughter apply to OCS- Marines, Army, Navy and OTS-Air Force and then go to the one she is accepted in to? She was a cross country, winter, spring track athlete in high school and a gymnast before that. She was section leader for marching band in college along with a manager at McDonald's in the summers. ( So she has recent leadership experience something she didn't have in high school.) I am wondering how to guide her. This forum was so helpful in giving the younger son advice, I thought I would get your feedback here. Thanks!
Yes, your daughter can basically apply to any of the services officer candidate school programs and choose which ever one she gets accepted to/wishes to attend. As long as she doesn't sign any type of contract right off the bat, she will remain free to choose. By far, the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard probably have the biggest officer candidate school programs. I don't know any numbers off hand, but I have met more OCS grads from those three services than I have OCS grads from the Army and Air Force. The Air Force's OTS program does produce a fair number of officers, but it usually the first commissioning source the Air Force turns to when they are looking to decrease the number of officers coming into the service. I can't say too much about the Army's OCS program either, but I have heard the Army mainly sends prior enlisted personnel thru their OCS program.