Antibiotic Associated Colitis Disqualifying?


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May 1, 2008
So about three and a half months ago I had shoulder surgery done to correct instability in my right shoulder. About one month ago I had symptoms associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Crohn's Disease. These both I know are disqualifying as they are chronic problems. However the problem has completely gone away now and I think the cause of the symptoms were from the antibiotics that I took for my shoulder. My gastroenterologist agreed that the antibiotics were a possibility. So, since I know the cause of the symptoms and pretty much am fully capable of preventing another episode, is this still considered chronic and disqualifying?
The only way to answer your questions specficially, would be for you to send me a copy of all your medcial records from the date of your shoulder injury to present. You may contact me at Just cut and paste your message from her and I'll know what the issue is.:thumb:
Thanks for the quick response. My gmail account is down for the moment so it might be a while until I can send you the information.