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    The third essay question on the application is:
    3. Please provide any additional information or background you believe will be of assistance in evaluating your application. (400 to 500 words, 3000 characters max)

    What type of information do they want? I dont want to put something little down and make it seem like im trying to win sympathy, like my dog died. What do most candidates usually put down for things like these? Is it recomended to answer this question even though its optional? I got hit by a drunk driver and totaled my car, but I mentioned that in my second essay. What should I do?
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    3rd Essay Question

    The third essay question is strictly optional. You may use it as you wish. I suggest only using it to expand on something in your record that needs clarification and puts your record in context. An example might be "I am from a military family and moved multiple times. I did not have the continuity in "name the activity" to become a "team captain, school government officer, etc." I do suggest that you use this essay if this truly prevented you from participating to the level of a normal candiadte. Otherwise you may be perceived as a candidate who makes excuses. This is very bad. On the flip side you may have moved multiple times in high school and accomplished quite a lot despite the moves. In this case you may want to detail how you over came this challenge. How you write this essay is critical. Therefore, I go back to my original advice. Only use this essay to expand on something that needs clarification. The bottom line is that your instincts are correct.

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