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    Right now I am a junior with a 3.91 unweighted GPA ( from the end of my softmore year), 30 out of 635 in class rank (top 5%), and currently have been making A+'s in all my classes (including AP classes) except English (B-A). I will take the SAT in March and ACT in April. I just joined cross country this school year and was on JV. I also participate in band (percussion section leader), robotics (secretary and head builder), NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, UIL mathematics, and an Ambasitors program at my schools CTC faculty. For community and service I work my churches sound system every Sunday and do a few other events in the community (mostly during summer). I currently work out at a gym to build my physical strength for the CFA. Is their any advice for what else may help me for my USAFA application, specifically geared towards community and service and physical fitness (I am not very strong with my upper body)?
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    KS98 - I recently joined this forum to help my DS. There are so much information here and I found that many of my questions were answered in many prior posts. I searched this forum using keywords and read, read.

    Looks like you are on the right path with your education and activities. One thing to keep in mind is don't put off filling out applications, CFA preparation (check Youtube for some CFA exercise videos), teachers'/coach's letter of recommendation and any require item in the application process. My DS put off the essay part way close to the end and I believe the essays could have been more "polished" had he started early.....but the deadline loomed and he had to submit.

    Last but not least, prepare your plan B, C, D, etc. My DS is a candidate and because he is not exceptional (relatively), he has to wait like the majority of the candidates. Plan B and C is ongoing.... Plan A is in "God's" hand now.

    Good luck!
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    There is a wonderful USNA midshipman (intends to be a Marine) who helped my DS by prescribing a tough but systematic routine to prepare for the CFA. It really helped my DS make major improvements in upper body strength and improve both the CFA and the Army APFT.

    The midshipman's name is MiddyB.

    Quoting MiddyB's PM to my DS:

    "There's no real great advice for the the basketball throw, except to practice. West Point has a pretty good video on youtube about proper technique for the basketball through, I believe.

    Now, what I'm going to type out is a workout plan that he should stick to, religiously.

    Week 1:
    100 pushups in as few sets as possible
    150 situps in as few sets as possible
    50 pullups in as few sets as possible
    There is no break during or between sets. Once you stop you are done and go on to next thing.
    Quarter mile run between each set.

    Week 2:
    120 situps
    180 situps
    60 pullups
    Each in as few sets as possible.
    Quarter mile run between each set.

    Week 3:
    140 pushups
    210 situps
    70 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile run in or under 90 seconds between each set.

    Week 4:
    160 pushups
    240 situps
    80 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile run in or under 90 seconds between each set

    Week 5:
    180 pushups
    270 situps
    90 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile run in or under 90 seconds between each set.

    Week 6:
    200 pushups
    300 situps
    100 pull ups
    Each in as few sets as possible
    Quarter mile sprint as fast as you can between each set.

    I recommend doing this 3-5 times a week. On days he doesn't do this either go for a long jog or nice easy swim. Build in at least one rest day."
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    KS98 - I also suggest to download the US Air Force Academy app, it has a Checklist for candidates.

    For community service, my DD (class of 2020) has couple of volunteer activities she's involved with since Sophomore year. It is important that you are able to talk about your community service in all your interviews.
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    KS98 - if you haven't already looked into this, and if the deadline hasn't already passed, check with your local American Legion office and apply to attend Boys State this summer. There's a box for attendees to check this off on the USAFA application and every little bit helps.
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